OUR LIST: What not to freeze!

by Kyla Van Heerden
An Overhead View Of Frozen Vegetables In Plastic Bag Over Refrigerator Tray with an article of what not to freeze!

We’re all about cutting down on food waste (and saving an extra few Rands in the process), so naturally we love that freezers exist – right? Sadly, some foods can’t withstand ice cold conditions because they were never intended to. Here’s our list of foods that you should never freeze: 

Photo Credit: Ksenia Chernaya 

Whole eggs

We all understand that eggs are an essential item in our daily life. From breakfast, lunch and even in that Ramen we’re all still loving. Sadly, you can’t freeze these small gems that bring us all of these wholesome meals. Why? The liquid in the egg expands when frozen and will crack the shell leaving the liquid open and at risk of being spoiled by bacteria. 

Photo Credit: Enelda Nieves

Dishes that contain cream

We’re pretty sure your potato salad or your alfredo pasta was great but, unfortunately these should not be frozen. Any dish with a heavy cream consistency cannot be frozen. Technically, they can be frozen but the thawed version of your dish will not look as appealing as it did pre-freezer. A curdled alfredo? No thank you! 

Photo credit: Maeli Maeder

Some veggies and fruits 

Anything the beautiful earth has grown for you with a high-water content i.e. celery, cucumbers, lettuce, radishes, melon etc. won’t freeze well, it will defrost all soggy and yucky! But again, one of our favorites is frozen watermelon – now this just works really well on a hot summer day if you eat it frozen. So, if you’re looking to eat watermelons frozen that is fine, but if you’re looking to freeze it to extend their life, it’s not recommended. 

Photo Credit: Abet Llacer

Mayo based dishes 

Yes, we’re almost all on the same page. A quick dinner for one or two. The perfect match? Tuna mayo sandwiches! On the odd occasion that there’s some left over, you can’t freeze it. Mayonnaise does not freeze well at all. If you do, the next time you see your beautiful tuna mayo mixture it will be one big oil, fish and egg mess! 

Chicken curry with jasmine rice, indian food concept

Cooked pasta (or rice)

The Italian ancestors might haunt you for this one! But once frozen, the heat required to bring the pasta back to life is so much that when it’s back to life, it would be one big carb-tastic mess! 

Photo credit: Alesia Kozik

Basil, Sage & Parsley

Trust us as a food magazine when we say we feel the urge to pop the fresh bunch of herbs in the freezer when the recipe only required the smallest amount, but these beauties unfortunately contain too much water and will end up being a very sloppy mess after being defrosted. Here we have a tip for you though. ICE BLOCKS! Freeze them in ice blocks and boom your flavours will remain intact! 

Photo Credit: Polina Tankilevitch 

Solid soft cheeses! 

We all love the fact that retailers just absolutely ace the cheese promotions and buying in bulk makes sense, right? But have you defrosted that bulk bought cheese we were bragging about before? It’s a crumbly mess. This tip requires some effort, but it’s worth it. Grate the cheese before freezing in separate bags and you’ve got yourself a winner! 

Photo Credit: Marco Antonio Victorino 

Raw potatoes 

Yeah, we’re all weary of the potato plant that haunts us when you leave your bag of potatoes in your cupboard for a while. But freezing them won’t work either – not raw at least. If you freeze them raw, you’ll end up with an entirely black potato, which does not look very appetising. You can however, blanche them, mash them, boil them and then freeze them. 

Photo Credit: Los Muertos Crew 

Twice frozen meat? 

We’ve all been in the situation where you’ve taken your meat out to defrost and a friend spontaneously invites you to dinner, or something comes up and you end up not using the meat you took out. Well, you should never refreeze it – EVER! Best is to keep it in the fridge until the following day. But, while it’s not unsafe to refreeze, it will lose texture and it will be dry. 

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