Filini Restaurant – Radisson Group Hotel

by Tia

Interior Design

The interior design of the restaurant portraits the traditional Italian culture in a modern way in which great flavours, vibrant colours and unique textures are blended together to create a noticeable Italian restaurant. The open kitchen is the centre of attention, serving as an entertainment and interaction point between diners and the Italian cuisine. The bar creates opportunity for a typical aperitivo time that characterises so many restaurants and bars in Italy.

Restaurant Look and Feel

The Mediterranean or as Italian name it, ‘Our Sea’ is a culture-rich region which celebrates life every day. Whether it is taking a refreshing swim or strolling through colourful markets, every moment is enjoyed to the fullest. Its landscapes are defined by calm and soothing colours which are agitated by the more vibrant and intense tones of the flora, houses and of course, the food. Easy-going service, creative recipes inspired in traditional dishes and a Mediterranean inspired design is what characterises this experience. Created to add value to its location and offer an extended experience which can begin with an aperitivo followed by a sharing and joyful family-style dinner and topped off with late-night drinks at the bar counter where the bartender shakes Italian inspired cocktails

Signature experience – sharing dishes

Some of the dishes of the menu will be served in large sharing dishes and placed in the middle of the table. For example, a lasagne, which will be served in a large baking tray from which guests can serve themselves. These dishes will be served in traditional Italian chinaware executed in a modern way, giving the experience that extra kick!


The collection of Cesare Casali adds on the easy-going and casual atmosphere of the restaurant. The round edges and details make the design friendly matching the design of the interior. Please note that the large cutlery is used for both appetisers and main courses. To give a catchy touch to the cutlery collection a colourful pizza knife will be served with all pizzas. The knives should be ordered in several colours of choice

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