Clover Unveils New Plain Yoghurt Range, Diversifying its Legacy of Quality Dairy Products

by Tia

In a momentous move that marks a significant expansion of its product offerings, Clover, the renowned producer of fresh milk for South Africans for 125 years, proudly introduces the Clover Plain Yoghurt range.

Traditionally celebrated for its commitment to delivering premium dairy products, Clover’s new Plain Yoghurt range is set to redefine the yoghurt landscape. The range boasts a versatile selection, featuring Double Cream yoghurt available in 1kg, 500g, 150g, and 6x100g sizes. This comprehensive range ensures that there is a convenient pack size to suit every consumer’s unique needs – be it for culinary endeavours, crafting delicious smoothies, a single serving for breakfast, or the perfect on-the-go snack with the 100g option.

A highlight of the Clover Plain Yoghurt range is the inclusion of Low-Fat Yoghurt, available in 1kg and 150g pack sizes. This addition caters to consumers who prioritize a healthier alternative without compromising on the rich and satisfying yoghurt experience. True to Clover’s commitment to quality, consumers can expect nothing but the finest yoghurt, characterized by its thickness, creaminess, and made with the wholesome goodness of Clover milk.

“This product launch represents a natural evolution for Clover, building on our legacy of providing South Africans with exceptional dairy products for over a century,” said Hluma Luvalo, Junior Brand Manager at Clover. “We are excited to offer a diverse range of Plain Yoghurt options that cater to various preferences and lifestyles, ensuring that our customers can enjoy the superior taste and quality they associate with the Clover brand.”

The Clover Plain Yoghurt range is now available in leading retailers across the country, inviting consumers to experience the rich heritage and commitment to excellence that has defined Clover for generations.

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