Gastronomic Nirvana: Your escape from the ordinary!

by Kyla Van Heerden

Chef Bradley from Cape Point Vineyards and our own assistant editor, Milou Staub, go head to head answering probing questions…

Describe to our readers a typical busy service hour?

Chef Bradley: On a typical day in our busiest hour, my team are calm and collected due to the training they have received. I am typically on the pass and bouncing between sections to assist my team when needed.

I am lucky enough to not have to assist my team too often as they have great talent. I am confident in my team, but I like to be available to them should they need assistance. Things can get chaotic at times, but we handle the pressure with ease.

Milou: If I was a kitchen professional, I think I would be the opposite of Gordon Ramsay and keep my cool.

How do you feel about working un-social hours?

Chef Bradley: It’s the norm at this stage after all these years. I do not classify typical “unsocial” hours to be unsocial. These are often the best times to work as a lot of team building occurs during these hours.

Milou: I have no idea how you guys in this industry do it! Saying goodbye to your nights and weekends must be tragic. Such troopers!

What’s your number 1 food pet peeve?

Chef Bradley: Hot food being served cold.

Milou: When wings or ribs are 80% bone, it’s devastating.

If you could dine with one or two famous people in the culinary world, who would you choose?

Chef Bradley: Heston Blumenthal – he is a great inspiration of mine. I am always intrigued by his creations. I am interested in his journey of exploring the science of taste and smell, and its effect on our emotions, senses and memory.

Milou: I enjoyed the movie “Burnt” about the chef Adam Jones played by Bradley Cooper. I found his story about picking himself up from rock bottom extremely inspiring. And of course, please throw in a one-on-one with Bradley Cooper!

Which is your go-to dish you can’t get enough of making?

Chef Bradley: Biltong spiced ribeye, with roasted bone marrow; always a winner.

Milou: Crispy pork chops with mash potato and a fried egg on top! Don’t judge, this is a combo made in heaven, particularly when that egg has a perfect runny yolk.

If you could eat only one cuisine in your life, which would it be?

Chef Bradley: Italian – it reminds me a lot of cooking at home with family. Typical Italian cuisine is often simplistic and made to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Milou: French cuisine! I mean, give me all the butter, cream and wine please!

Going down memory lane, what dish was your childhood favourite?

Chef Bradley: Rooster brood!

Milou: When I close my eyes and let my tastebuds’ memory take control, what comes to mind is my mama’s spaghetti bolognaise covered in grated gouda cheese.

What food should everyone try at least once in their lives?

Chef Bradley: Potjie!

Milou: Mauritian chilli cakes. Google it people!

Name the two kitchen tools you can’t do without?

Chef Bradley: A good quality chef’s knife, and a high-quality set of chopping boards.

Milou: I’m a neat freak, so I must wash everything as soon as I’m done using it. Definitely dishwashing soap and a sponge!

Chips or popcorn?

Chef Bradley: Chips

Milou: I’m a popcorn gal all the way.

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