Two New Taste Sensations – Sea Harvest Adds Fish Friday Lemon & Hake Burgers to Their Range

by Tia

Sea Harvest, a pioneer in delivering premium seafood products, introduces two new products to its range: Fish Friday Lemon and Hake Burgers. These additions are the perfect blend of innovation, quality, and convenience, designed for those looking for tasty, healthy and protein-packed meal solutions.

Fish Friday Lemon: Elevating A Favourite with Zesty Flair

Fish Friday Lemon is a delightful twist on the classic Fish Friday experience. Each box contains fillets of tender and flaky hake, meticulously coated in a crispy tempura batter lightly flavoured with lemon.

And of course, Fish Friday Lemon is not just for Fridays – it’s a versatile and convenient solution for any night of the week. Taco Tuesday? Make it hake. Hump Day Wednesday? It couldn’t be simpler. Fish Friday Lemon is ideal for oven baking or air-frying from frozen, making it the ideal solution for family dinners, date nights, or casual gatherings.

Hake Burgers: A Seafood Revolution on a Bun

Sun’s out, bun’s out! Seafood burgers are getting a makeover with the introduction of Sea Harvest’s Hake Burger. Hake patties are enveloped in a crispy tempura coating – a unique departure from the traditional burger patty. The coating provides a crunchy golden exterior, keeping the fish tender and moist.

Versatility meets convenience with the Hake Burger, a quick and easy solution for those craving a gourmet meal without the time-consuming preparation. Whether you opt for oven baking or air-frying from frozen, these burgers cook to perfection in minutes, catering to the demands of busy family weeknights or laid-back weekend gatherings. The best part? As part of their ongoing commitment towards youth development, transformation and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, Sea Harvest donates R5 from every box purchased to Junior Surfing South Africa.

Sign Up for Sea Bucks!

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Head to the Sea Harvest website for tasty recipe inspiration and follow on Social Media for the latest news and product updates.

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