A Legacy of Italian Excellence in Kitchen Appliances since 1950

by Kyla Van Heerden

Elba is a brand that offers freestanding cookers, hobs and ovens that are made in Italy since 1950. They are highlighted by expertise, professionalism, attention to design and technology. The Elba range of domestic gas cookers, gas electric cookers and ovens are designed and manufactured in Italy and have enhanced many kitchens in South Africa. Another attribute which has piqued consumer interest equally, is the value for money proposition associated with Elba. Each Elba appliance is guaranteed to inspire the great chef and add value to your kitchen. They delight in their design and become the heart of the home.

Elba is a brand that offers a vast range of cooking products, all suitable for customer personalization. We have ranges that start from the “Essential range to the “Excellence Range” which is inspired by professionals and offers a refined blend of advanced cooking features.

Our Excellence Collection takes its inspiration from professional kitchens with a sleek shape and streamlined look. With the iconic design inspired by professional cookers, Elba Excellence Cookers offer a refined blend of advanced cooking features. Unique features in the Excellence dual fuel and electric Cookers include a touch control electronic programmer, ensuring both precise and flexible cooking. Hobs feature stylish brass dual burners that are extremely hard-wearing for superior heating performance. Brushed metal finishing knobs with outer bezel, giving the kitchen a very professional appearance. The Excellence collection is equipped with a double-finishing handle: brushed metal in the centre part and chromed finishing at the ends.

Fusion Collection is seamless integration into your kitchen. Designed to be perfectly combined in the space of your kitchen, Fusion Collection offers freestanding cookers with dual fuel cooktops and gas or electric ovens. The clean lines of these cookers are designed for seamless integration into any contemporary kitchen design. Time and oven functions are controlled by an electronic programmer bringing precision and flexibility to cooking performances. The brushed metal handles on each appliance are ergonomic and pleasant to use.

The Classic Collection offers a durable and safe solution for your everyday cooking needs. The quality of the materials and the traditional made in Italy crafting skills are combined with a sober and simple style.

The new Elba Essential Range is Italian Inspired and still holds all the standards of the previous ranges and more.


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