Culinary Experiences Stirring Souls

by Tia

Food has the power to evoke deep emotions, ignite memories and forge connections that go beyond a dining table. People just don’t go out to restaurants and all eatery spaces to waste their money, just sit and eat food that they don’t enjoy.

People are passionate with food. They can tell if the food was prepared well with a willing heart and if the service actually matches that. People want good taste, colour and vibrancy in their plates. Food is a universal language that stirs our tasting buds, inviting us on a journey of sensory exploration and discovery.

Attach this food experience to travel. You can’t travel and not think food. So many memories are attached to food. Style and presentation have always been a thing, but it’s as if a lot of people are catching up with that only now, for social media aesthetic appeal, more especially Instagram. Culinary experiences now go beyond taste and smell, they are also a feast to the eyes.

You want a good culinary experience in Africa, dynamic, cultural and exquisite high-class food, Johannesburg and Cape Town are some of the two cities that have the most beautiful chefs and restaurants that offer a variety of this.

Walking along Long-street in Cape Town is a line of wonderful restaurants, as well as Camps Bay. Each restaurant has their well-crafted, styled serving of different meals, each element carefully arranged to stimulate their client’s tastebuds because they understand that they are in competition and they want to offer their best.

It’s all a reminder that food is an artistic expression. Never miss out on good food experience.

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