Experience the Ultimate Coffee and Tea Delight at Your Doorstep with Ciro Coffee Boutique!

by Kyla Van Heerden

At Ciro Coffee Boutique, we make it our mission to bring the best coffee and tea brands to your door. We provide our customers with the ideal combination of coffee products and equipment as we know everyone loves to take a break over a cuppa’ something delicious.

You can also rest assured in the knowledge that we are brought to you by Ciro, a full service beverage company (www.ciro.co.za) who have over 60 years’ experience in the South African out of home and food service market.

You can be assured in letting us take care of your beverage needs, while you focus on what matters most.
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We’ve “bean” here for decades and understand that convenient solutions that are cost-effective are important to you so we offer coffee, tea, hot chocolate and much more, ensuring that we are your one-stop digital coffee shop where you can purchase your full-basket offering with ease! 

From espresso and instant Coffee; to a range of black, rooibos and green Tea and renowned Hot Chocolate; to biscuits, machines and coffee accessories; it’s all available to you and can be ordered in a few clicks! Visit cirocoffeeboutique.co.za today and explore our range of innovative products that offer excellent value today. 

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