by Kyla Van Heerden

Fairview, deeply rooted in family, is renowned for its commitment to growth and innovation, continuously meeting the evolving needs of the industry and clients. Owner Charles Back’s follows three key principles: honesty, heritage and innovation, and these values steer the farm into the future.

Our unwavering dedication to excellence earned us significant recognition at this year’s SA Dairy Championships. We proudly received 11 SA Championship Awards, a testament to the exceptional quality of our products. Notably, our Woolworths Blue Pearl clinched a prestigious Qualité Award. This semi-soft, high-fat blue mould cheese, named after the Paarl Mountain, boasts a sharp, matured, spicy flavour profile and creamy texture.

Bruce Rowbotham, Fairview cheesemaker, emphasizes, “These awards reflect our teamwork and commitment, demonstrating the diversity of our Cheesery across 11 different championship classes.”

From Camembert to Crottin, our dedication to crafting tradition shines through in every exquisite cheese we produce. Here tradition isn’t a mere word; it’s a legacy we’ve diligently preserved over decades. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond words; it’s evident in every product we meticulously craft. At Fairview, we’re not just crafting cheese; we’re preserving a legacy. Join us in savouring tradition, one cheese at a time, and let excellence be your guide.

Written by Rozel Archer

Notes to editors: About Fairview

First and foremost, Fairview is a working farm, housing a collection of micro-businesses all sharing in a common goal – to create artisanal and sustainable produce, with a focus on fine wine and cheese. Everything we do is driven by our philosophy of being honest, honouring our heritage, and ensuring that ingenuity perpetually flows from our soils and cellars and straight into the heart of your relationship with us. After all, at Fairview, we do things differently.

Please visit www.fairview.co.za for more information.

Photographs by Nickey Bothma

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