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If you were looking for a sign… THIS IS IT!!

Inspired by the Happy People of a small beach village called Gonubie.

What a colourful tale to tell, an ancient art that spans many centuries. The first stills were filled by Arabic alchemist in the Far East as early as the 1st Century, value added by other specialists such as the Greeks.

By the 12th Century gin was used for medical and scientific reasons by the Benedictine monks, to preserve the rare and precious ingredients used in medicine.

Genever is a grain-based spirit and the name is derived from the Dutch word Juniper, pronounced “yey-nih-ver”. 

Throughout the 1600’s Gin became hugely popular due to The Thirty Years War where an influx of Genever came across the English Channel.

The “column still”, introduced in the 1800’s was the revolution of the production of gin and a cleaner, purer spirit was born called Dry Gin.

Today, Happy People Craft Gin starts as a “Neutral Grain Spirit” (NGS) in a micro manufacturing distillery.  We use a reflux still with seven stages and have refined our basic distilling process with controls to achieve a smooth Gin by removing the unwanted methanol tastes leaving the Gin with maximum of the sought after infused flavours

What separates Gin from Vodka is the Inclusion of Juniper.  After Juniper, Happy People Craft Gin gets flavoured with botanical/ herb, spice, floral or fruit-flavours or often a combination of the above by suspending a basket in the neck of the still.

Our manufacturing process allows for a premium quality consistent craft gin with A-Number A1769.

Our Ginger and Honeybush Recipe was awarded a gold medal Michael Angelo Spirit Award in 2020.

Pumpkin Puree Ginger and Honeybush Craft Gin Cocktail


  • Happy People Craft Gin – Ginger and Honeybush infused.
  • Pumpkin recommendation McCain Frozen Pumpkin
  • Schweppes tonic of your choice
  • Massimo’s Limone Italian Spirit
  • Shaker, Strainer, Glass and Ice

Pumpkin Puree Recipe:

Place frozen pumpkin in a pot with 2 cups of water, allow to simmer until soft.

Blend pumpkin and place in container to use in your cocktail.

Cocktail Recipe:

  • Pour 50ml (Double Shot) of Happy People Craft Gin into your Shaker.
  • Add 2 Tablespoons of Pumpkin Puree
  • Add 25ml (Single Shot) of Massimo’s Limone Spirit
  • Fill shaker with Ice
  • Shake well

Fill your glass to the top with ice and pour the mixture through a strainer into your glass leaving space to top it up with your favourite choice of tonic.

Garnish with a sprig of fynbos and pumpkin skewer.

Enjoy a refreshing healthy Craft Gin Cocktail

Watch how Roxy prepares the Pumpkin Puree Cocktail at the Plant Powered Show at the Cape Town International Convention Centre: https://youtu.be/erXTh3anPYs

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