Hearty Meals From Grandma’s House

By Temo Mpodi

by Tia

Grandma’s house and her delicious meals create lasting memories of love, warmth, and comfort. People often feel a void when grandma is no longer around. Was it the house or grandma’s sweet touch, generous heart, and hearty meals that made it so special?

From my side, it was all, but nothing could beat the amazing food.Crazy enough, these foods were always simple and more traditional, but I just loved them anyway. I remember the creamy Samp, mixed with milk butter, and aromat. My granny didn’t have to add anything to the meal, not even meat. It was just perfect. The other meal was Samp mixed with beans, she added soup and salt to it, and that was it.

I hope you remember at least one dish that your grandmother has prepared for you. Check out these few modern recipes from Essential Flavours, that remind us of Grandma’s kitchen love. You might try one this weekend to make it a classical weekend of memories.

1.Siba Mtongana Golden Soup


2. Janet’s Lamb Curry with Butternut & Aubergine


3. Lamb Curry


4.Mince Pilau


5.Chicken &Vegetable Soup


6. Rosemary Garlic Roast Beef


7. Classic Pickled Fish


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