Kupisa Lugu Peri Sauces

by Kyla Van Heerden

The Kupisa brand was conceptualized in 2019 as part of an intentional attempt to participate in the growing Agri Processing business within the African continent. The first bottle of Kupisa was breed in the kitchen fuelled by passion and a fierce mission to develop a great complement for every day and exquisite dishes. Through the material use of African Herbs, Kupisa managed to differentiate itself and create a competitive taste advantage in the market.

The brand name “Kupisa” is coined from the Shona language and means ‘hot’ which highlights the fiery African bird’s eyes chilies found in the sauce. The lugu herb identifiable in the sauce has a historical lineage as it is farmed by villagers in the valleys surrounding lake Fundudzi. This herb is sacred to the Vha-Venda people for its medicinal properties and unique flavor profile.

Currently the product is being sold primarily through our network of Kupisa Associates who are based in 5 provinces. We also sell the product through social media, Makro Online, Roots Butchery, OBC, Quelo Deli, Spar, Shoprite and through privately owned restaurants and deli shops.

  Upon opening a bottle of Kupisa Sauces, the nose is met with a welcoming smell of African herbs followed by a smooth ambrosial note of peppery dry whole chilies.   
  Kupisa sauces carry unique and distinguishable Nngu herb flavors coupled with a slight tanginess, that follows a tolerable heat profile.  
  Kupisa Sauces have a thin consistency which makes it an appreciable sauce to compliment various dishes as well as to be used as a marinade.  
BURN (long lasting, immediate, slow burner etc)
  Kupisa Hot is an immediate burner whilst Kupisa Mild is a slow burner that has favorable long-lasting taste.  
  Furthermore, Kupisa is a black-owned sauce brand that prides itself in its African lineage est. 2017.  The product has grown to come a forthcoming competitor in its marketplace and has over 95% approval rate from all new buyers. Kupisa sauces have approval from religious authorities such as Halaal and Kosher compliance.  


  Suggested foods that compliment Kupisa Sauces:                                                            Braai’d meats Fish African cuisine Pastas Burgers Indian dishes  


What sets the product apart from market peers is that fact that Kupisa sauces incorporates organic herbs which are not in any other sauce in the world. The inclusion of Momordica Foetida herbs, and their known medicinal benefits, makes these products unique.  

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