by Kyla Van Heerden

The famous Sir Fruit team have been innovating, experimenting and shaking things up… and has created something brilliant from the new Luckybird brand. It’s a range of quality cocktail mixers, designed for busy bars and rushed restaurants. After all, who’s got time to chop the mint and press the limes? Welcome to the quick-hack Luckybird calls ‘Quixology’!

Quixology blends art with science, allowing bartenders to make delicious, premium cocktails at speed. It’ll feel like a handmade cocktail, it’ll taste like a handmade cocktail, but it’ll get into your customer’s hands a whole lot faster.

Flavour variants include: mojito, strawberry daiquiri, margarita, cosmopolitan and paloma – with each bottle containing fifteen serves. The Quixology equation is super simple: 2x2x2. All you need to do is add two shots of the Luckybird mix, two shots of water, and two shots of the preferred alcoholic spirit and – before you can say ‘hang on, that sounds too easy’ – it’s done. Add a little garnish if you fancy, and pour over crushed ice if you prefer – your creativity is still required but with much more time in hand.

Luckybird cocktail mixers have been designed to increase volumes, take pressure off bar staff, and keep customers supremely satisfied. What’s more, the brand is incentivising consumers with the ‘Make Your Luck’ competition and campaign. South African entrepreneurs with quick-hack ideas of their own stand the of winning R150 000 in cash to quick-start a business, project or brand. (Hit the link below to find out more.) Entries close on the 19th of January, representing a substantial timeframe for trial and repeat purchases.

Feeling thirsty for more info? Head over to, and follow the fun on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: @luckybird.drinks. On the double!

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