by Tia

You are not the only one reading this and already thinking of all your cravings right now. Cravings are so hard to deal with, but the nicest part is that you can actually squash them with food. How helpful is that?

Cravings can be the ultimate sabotage to our best-laid dietary plans. That sudden desire that you can’t even control. I call the comfort food the flirty food, and I feel like the more I eat them, the more they send me on raging million cravings I never anticipated. Before it all I would say, master the science behind cravings and be mindful of your eating.

But honey, you are going to have to keep your healthy snacks close by. This is one of the best eating ways to slay off the cravings. Just keep a stash of healthy snacks readily available. Your bag, your office desk, by your side-table, thank me later.

Sometimes what we perceive as hunger is actually dehydration. So, the best way is to keep hydrated with your water or your best flavoured drink, however you want to do it. Quench your thirst!

Never try to starve yourself. Starving yourself only leads to the uproar of cravings. When you eat mindfully, you focus on the sensory experience; textures and aromas. Do not dare to skip a meal, just eat clean and keep it at a suitable portion. The 5-factor diet works best here. Just make sure you eat balanced meals a day.

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