Queen of the South Unveils Spring Collection: Effortless Cooking by Cordelia Mathaler

by Kyla Van Heerden

Queen of the South, an emerging star in the world of premium Indian spices and culinary convenience, is delighted to announce the launch of its exquisite spice kits. These kits, curated to offer both simplicity and quality in meal preparation, mark a splendid introduction to the spirit of spring.

As September heralds the arrival of the lively spring season, Queen of the South, founded by the visionary food lover Cordelia Mathaler, is all set to redefine cooking experiences. Cordelia, an former motor industry professional, embarked on a journey to translate her love for cooking into a thriving venture, presents these spice kits as a means to bring joy and convenience to kitchens everywhere.

The newly unveiled collection is designed to cater to a diverse spectrum of individuals, resonating with the lives of women from various walks – from the busy working mum and the devoted stay-at-home mum to the independent single woman. Cordelia’s keen understanding of modern time constraints and the universal desire for quality meals has led her to curate spice kits and home cooked prepped meals that promise a joyful culinary adventure without sacrificing time and effort.

“I believe in transforming ordinary cooking to a cherished experience,” shares Cordelia. “Having hands on experience with juggling a full time day job and being a hands on mum , I realised the need for convenient, high-quality meals. Our spice kits reflect this understanding and are tailored to accompany each woman’s unique culinary journey, whether she’s balancing a career, nurturing a family, or savouring her independence.”

We offer a variety of unique standard spice kits best suited for Biryani, Butter Chicken, and the flavourful Lamb and Chicken curry, as well as an array of spice kits that are designed for any meal with a culinary twist.

Queen of the South showcases the depth of its offerings. Each kit is thoughtfully composed with handpicked spices and non-perishable ingredients, ensuring that preparing delicious meals becomes an effortless endeavour.

Queen of the South takes immense pride in sourcing spices of the utmost calibre, elevating the flavours of every dish to new heights. Cordelia’s dedication to delivering convenience and quality in the culinary sphere shines through these spice kits, underscoring her commitment to excellence and passion for infusing cooking with delight.

To commemorate the blossoming of spring, Queen of the South will be releasing their spice kits at the beginning of September. Spring, with its rejuvenating spirit, is the perfect time to embark on a fresh culinary journey, and these kits are meticulously designed to facilitate easy, swift, and enjoyable meal preparation.

For more details about Queen of the South and their captivating range of spice kits, please reach out via email at cordelia_mathaler@yahoo.com or contact 0842112613 to place orders.

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