Spekboom: Experience Your New Favourite Flavour With Every Meal.

Spekboom | Portulacaria Afra | Your New Favourite Flavour

by Tia

The Spekboom Co believes in the extraordinary abilities of a small, round-leaved plant. This ‘wonder plant’ inspired the very birth of the company. The Spekboom, indigenous to South Africa, boasts edible, vitamin C-rich leaves and other rare and unique qualities. The companies journey began by exploring the unique flavour of the Spekboom plant leaves, which lead to the launch of their Spekboom Deli product range. The signature Deli products include Spekboom leaves in various forms: whole, blended, and dehydrated, making their products truly distinctive.

In time the range expanded and a Home and a Beauty range was added to the brands story.

The Spekboom Co also features other proudly South African eco-friendly, locally sourced products.

More about the Spekboom plant: The Spekboom is a unique succulent plant native to South Africa’s Eastern Cape and excels in absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It adapts under harsh conditions to efficiently capture carbon dioxide with minimal water usage. Remarkably, it outperforms tropical rainforests tenfold in carbon fixation per hectare.

Flavour Profile: Spekboom leaves offer a crisp, zesty flavour that is captured beautifully in the Spekboom Co’s Deli product range. The taste of the Spekboom leaves vary depending on the harvest time, with tangier notes in the early morning and late afternoon. The Spekboom Co therefore carefully selects and harvests the leaves at optimal times to ensure the perfect flavour profile.

More about The Spekboom Co: The Spekboom Co embodies homegrown natural produce, locally sourced ingredients, and sustainable, eco-friendly practices. Their initial Deli offerings included Spekboom Jam, Chutney, and Pickle, all featuring edible Spekboom leaves. This range since expanded to include a spice range, including Meat Spice, Chicken Spice, and Pudding Spice, each adding unique flavours from meals and snacks to desserts. The latest additions to the Deli range are Chimichurri dry mix and Salad dressing dry mix, which only requires adding boiling water, oil, and vinegar to create standout condiments. The Deli products are free from additives, preservatives, gluten, GMOs, and MSG, as well as vegan-friendly.

A Beauty range soon followed, harnessing the unique qualities of the Spekboom plant. The Spekboom Co’s Beauty range include handmade soap with added dehydrated Spekboom leaves, alongside a hand wash, lotion, body butter, and aftersun, enriched with Spekboom extract.

Since 2020, The Spekboom Co has grown into a proudly South African business renowned for its one of- a-kind products using Spekboom as inspiration. The Spekboom Co’s products are beloved by locals and tourists alike for their distinctly South African character.

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