Discover a wine-tasting experience that goes beyond the expected.

by Tia

Unleash your rebellious spirit and embark on unique wine experiences with Black Elephant Vintners – the misfits of the wine industry and the rebels of the vine!

Their commitment to the Rebels of the Vine mantra ensures that when it comes to tastings, they’ve got you covered in ways that break the mould of traditional wine and cheese pairings.

Ditch the ordinary and join Black Elephant Vintners for a journey through their creatively curated experiences – from the harmonious blend of Music and Wine pairing, led by their owners every Saturday at 11h00, to the refreshingly straightforward W.T.F. Wine Tasting available at their WTF Tasting Room in Franschhoek every Monday to Friday. They promise an unconventional approach that engages not just your taste buds but all your senses.

Music And Wine Pairing: This needs a minimum group of 4 people and booking is required. Smaller groups are welcome to contact us directly, and we will put you on the waiting list until we have 4 people. Held every Saturday at 11h00.

W.T.F. Wine Tasting: At our WTF Tasting Room on the farm, 40a Uitkyk Street, Franschhoek. Held from 11h00 to 17h00 every Monday to Friday. Walk-ins are welcome, subject to availability.

Indulge in an exclusive wine-tasting adventure that transcends tradition at their establishment. Here, you not only savour exquisite wines but also harmonise your experience with carefully selected songs that complement each pour. This innovative approach not only accentuates the flavours but also narrates the unique story behind each wine, fostering an atmosphere of pure enjoyment and positive vibes. Rejecting the notion that wine tasting must adhere to rigid rules, they have successfully eliminated the clichéd and pretentious elements of the wine industry, crafting unparalleled experiences that invite everyone to revel in the joy of wine without the unnecessary fuss.

What sets Black Elephant Vintners apart is their dedication to making all tastings interactive, inviting your curiosity to take the lead. Whether you’re a group of four or a solo explorer, they welcome you to indulge in an experience that transcends the ordinary.

But the rebellion doesn’t stop there – they also participate in various events throughout the year, hosted by others and exclusive ones held on their farm. Stay in the loop by signing up for their newsletter or following them on Social Media.

Discover a wine-tasting experience that goes beyond the expected. Join the rebels, embrace the misfit spirit, and let Black Elephant Vintners redefine the way you savour and enjoy wine.

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