Take your air fryer cooking to the next level with the newly-launched Cape Foods I Love Air Fryer Seasonings range

by Tia

Air fryer cooking has taken South Africa by storm. What started out as a niche cooking method has now become one of the most popular and talked-about ways of preparing food. In fact, in July this year, Cape Talk Radio reported that air fryers have become so popular in South Africa, that it’s affected the cooking oil industry!

But what is it about the air fryer that has South Africa buzzing? Well, the benefits of using an air fryer are seemingly endless… It all started during the Covid-19 pandemic, when millions of people around the world (many of whom don’t traditionally cook!) were forced to stay at home and prepare their own food.

The air fryer offered a quick, easy and affordable method to prepare fries, chicken, veggies, pizzas and just about any other food.

Air fryer cooking is:


Deep-fried food may be delicious, but it is incredibly unhealthy – the consumption of too much fat and oil is a leading cause of high cholesterol, heart disease and obesity. Air fryers work by circulating hot air around a food item to create the same crispiness as in traditional fried foods. This means you can enjoy your favourite foods and flavours without the oil.


Air fryers cook food a lot faster than other appliances, saving you time. They are particularly handy when you’re cooking for a family or when you’re rushing to finish the food before loadshedding kicks in. 


Because air fryers cook food in less time, you’ll use less electricity, saving you money.


Air fryer food is tasty, and affords you the opportunity to enjoy all your favourite meals, but prepared in a much healthier way.


Air fryer cooking is safe, and it eliminates the dangers of cooking with hot oil.

International herb and spice manufacturer, Cape Foods, has launched an innovative new range of spices designed specifically for use with an air fryer. The I Love Air Fryer Seasonings range offers customers easy, ready-to-use seasonings for every dish imaginable, and allows you to take your air fryer cooking to the next level.

The range is MSG-free, gluten-free and non-irradiated, offering delicious seasoning without the addition of unhealthy ingredients.

Cape Foods Air Fryer Spices are available in six delicious variants:

Chicken BBQ Seasoning

Cook the most delicious “faux fried” chicken with this tasty barbeque spice blend.

Roast Veggies Seasoning

The perfect addition to your roasted peppers, baby marrow, carrots, pumpkin and more.

Spicy Wings Seasoning

Bring the heat to your chicken wings with this deliciously spicy blend.

Chips & Potato Seasoning

The ultimate seasoning for those who love their fries and potato wedges!

Oh Crumbs! Seasoning

Coat your meat (think schnitzels, pork chops, mushrooms etc.) with a bit of oil and then coat generously with this delicious seasoning. Convenient, tasty and much less waste.

Pizza Seasoning

Enhance your pizza’s flavour with this delicious versatile seasoning.

Cape Foods Air Fryer Spices (RSP: R35.00) are available from Spar, Pick ‘n Pay and Checkers in Gauteng.

Learn more at: https://www.capefoods.co.za/

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