The Original Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce, brings the heat to South Africa

by Kyla Van Heerden

Good food, good times, good people and good to be in Africa as the hot sauce launches its SA social platforms

Available at over 350 independent retailers and at almost 200 Spar stores today, The Original Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce continues to find its way into households and restaurants as the preferred hot sauce for many who enjoy heat without compromising on flavour.  This year, it will launch social platforms in South Africa, the first country to do so outside of the United States, as it further entrenches itself in local cuisine and culture at the tip of Africa.

This sauce that packs a punch in terms of bringing the heat and the flavour arrived in South Africa in 2021 when Cracking Cravings, a local company, saw a ‘gaping void’ in the market.  What started as a small passion project bringing the sauce into the country, has turned into Louisiana Hot Sauce making a splash – both figuratively and literally – at mealtimes. 

As part of the digital strategy, Louisiana Hot Sauce SA Instagram account will be a combination of brand content as well as influencer and user generated content to showcase how South Africans are enjoying their hot sauce. Rumour has it, it’s perfect to add to your oil when making popcorn for a movie night, an essential addition to fried eggs, and a non-negotiable with chicken wings.

The brand, which is recognisable at a distance on any shelf, recently underwent a refresh that saw its branding in South Africa mirroring its global CI.

Louisiana is famous for its Mardi Gras celebrations, being the birthplace for American blues and its Cajun and Creole cuisine. For those who are not in Louisiana and crave hot sauce (like many South Africans), Louisiana Hot Sauce – 95 years old and still growing in popularity worldwide – hits the spot with consumers.

To stay up to receive Louisiana Hot Sauce updates, recipe ideas, and other spicy but full of flavour news, head Instagram and Facebook, or search for the following hashtags on social media: #BringTheHeat and #BringTheHeatSA.

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