The Spekboom Co

by Kyla Van Heerden

During the global pandemic in 2020, amidst some of the darkest days the world has ever seen, a new venture came to light. While the world was sitting back, not knowing whereto next, this concept brought new life. SPEKBOOM, the wonder plant, was the inspiration and an innovative business, that saw the gap in the market for Spekboom products, was born.

Spekboom is an indigenous South-African plant with rare and unique qualities. It has been called the ‘miracle plant’ due to its unmatched capacity to absorb Carbon Dioxide, being capable of absorbing up to 100 times more Carbon Dioxide than a fir tree of the same size. The Spekboom plant is also surprisingly high in Vitamin C and has a zesty lemon like taste. A Spekboom plant is a resilient plant that requires very little maintenance to survive and can do so in almost any conditions.

The Spekboom Co stands for home grown natural produce, locally sourced, sustainable and ecofriendly. This female owned business, supports South African companies and small businesses. The signature deli products all contain Spekboom leaves in various forms: whole, blended and dehydrated, which makes these products truly unique.

The founders, having a landscaping, geography teaching and dietetics background, was a match made in heaven: one knowing that the Spekboom plant is edible and one knowing all about nutrition… and the rest was history. The idea factory was working relentlessly for months and the very first three products launched: Spekboom Jam, Spekboom Chutney and Spekboom Pickle. Yes, you read that right, these products all contain edible Spekboom leaves.

The pioneering products were such an overwhelming success, that a spice range was also added. The meat spice, chicken spice and pudding spice bring glorious flavour to your dishes, from starters right through to dessert. Some of the newest additions and current best sellers to the range are, the Chimichurri- and Salad dressing dry mix. These dry mixes only require boiling water, oil and vinegar to transform it into a show stopping condiment. The Deli products do not contain additives or preservatives, are free of Gluten and MSG and also suitable for Vegans.

The Spekboom Co has since blossomed into a business boasting a wide range of proudly South- African, one-of-a-kind products that all contain Spekboom. These products are favoured by locals and tourist alike as it is so distinctively South-African.

The Spekboom Co is continuously expanding their range. With the Spekboom plant’s unique qualities in mind, it only made sense as a next order of business to add a beauty range. The range includes handmade soap with dehydrated Spekboom leaves as well as a hand wash, lotion, body butter and aftersun that contain Spekboom extract.

Although the business had very humble beginnings, within 3 years it has grown into a business on a mission. The Spekboom Co will continue to expand their range and aim to provide quality local products.

For more information or to place an online order, please visit the website below.

The Spekboom Co – Spekboom Plant Products from South Africa

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