The Wine Drops Expands its Reach to Gauteng, Partnering with Prominent Stockists

by Kyla Van Heerden

Cape Town, August 2023 – The Wine Drops Co, the leading manufacturer of a solution that reduces sulphites in all wines, is excited to announce its expansion into Gauteng, a major hub for wine enthusiasts. This strategic move marks a significant milestone for The Wine Drops as it strengthens its presence in the South African market and expands its partnership network.

Since its launch in late 2019, The Wine Drops has gained substantial online traction, catering to wine lovers seeking a more enjoyable wine-drinking experience by reducing sulphite levels. Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and alcohol restrictions, The Wine Drops successfully embraced online sales through their user-friendly online shop ( and strategic partnerships with platforms like Takealot.

Driven by increasing demand and customer satisfaction, The Wine Drops is now taking its distribution channels to physical stockists, with a particular focus on Gauteng as a prime market. To spearhead this expansion, The Wine Drops is thrilled to welcome Ian Milne to their team, whose instrumental role has secured partnerships with renowned stockists in the region.

The Wine Drops have emerged as a game-changer for wine enthusiasts who have been experiencing sulphite sensitivity, a condition that affects a significant number of individuals. Sulphites, which are commonly used as preservatives in winemaking, can lead to adverse reactions such as headaches, nasal congestion, skin rashes, and digestive discomfort. For those who have been avoiding wines due to these uncomfortable side effects, The Wine Drops offer a simple, yet effective solution.

During the first half of 2023, The Wine Drops has achieved remarkable success by forging partnerships with esteemed stockists. Norman Goodfellows, a leading liquor retailer with a rich history of providing quality beverages, has been one of the major stockists of The Wine Drops. By aligning with this prestigious partner, The Wine Drops gained significant visibility in the market and has been able to reach a broader audience.

Big Five Duty Free Stores, a prominent duty-free retail chain set at all major airports, has also embraced The Wine Drops, recognizing the value it brings to their wine-loving customers. This strategic partnership has enabled The Wine Drops to expand its presence to local and international travelers, offering them the opportunity to experience South African wines without the worry of sulphite sensitivity.

LifeStyle Pharmacies, known for their commitment to providing health and wellness solutions, have also joined forces with The Wine Drops, recognizing the positive impact it can have on individuals seeking a more enjoyable wine experience. This partnership reflects a shared commitment to customer well-being and satisfaction.

Market Liquors, a part of the Food Lover’s Market Group, is the newest addition of stockist for The Wine Drops. With their widespread presence in various locations across South Africa, Market Liquors will enable The Wine Drops to reach wine enthusiasts from all walks of life, making the product more accessible and convenient for those looking to elevate their wine enjoyment.

Selected TOPS @ Spar stores have also embraced The Wine Drops, further establishing its presence in the retail space. As one of the leading liquor retail chains in South Africa, TOPS @ Spar is renowned for its extensive wine selection and commitment to customer satisfaction.

In addition to partnering with renowned retail chains, The Wine Drops has also expanded its distribution to independent stockists throughout South Africa. These collaborations have allowed The Wine Drops to reach wine enthusiasts in local communities, supporting small businesses while offering consumers a more diverse range of purchasing options.

As The Wine Drops ventures into Gauteng, it is poised to make a significant impact on the local wine scene. Gauteng is not only home to a large number of wine enthusiasts but also hosts numerous wine-related events and gatherings. By establishing a strong presence in this vibrant market, The Wine Drops aims to become a staple for wine lovers looking to enhance their wine-drinking experience.

By forging these new partnerships, The Wine Drops remains committed to enhancing the wine-drinking experience and meeting the increasing demand for effective sulphite reduction solutions. “Our vision is to make The Wine Drops readily available to all wine lovers across South Africa and beyond, ensuring that everyone can enjoy wine without discomfort,” said Co-Founder, Ronel van Vuuren.

The Wine Drops is more than just a product; it represents a dedication to innovation and the pursuit of a worry-free wine enjoyment. With each partnership and expansion, The Wine Drops team is fueled by the feedback and support of their customers, who have attested to the transformative impact of the product on their wine-drinking experience. For more information about The Wine Drops and their expanding availability, please visit Stay connected with The Wine Drops on Facebook and Instagram @thewinedrops to receive updates on new stockists, promotions, and exciting developments.

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