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Imagine softly baked eggs on top of cheesy braaipap with tuna – tastebuds watering yet?

Eggs set the scene for a delicious meal any time of the day, and best of all; they are also still one of the most affordable animal-source proteins despite the recent increase in cost due to the avian flu outbreak. Eggs on the shelves at local retailers are safe for consumption, provided standard food-safety steps are followed when preparing meals.

Not only are eggs high in protein, but they are also everyday nutrition heroes. South Africa’s National Department of Health dietary guidelines allow for an egg daily. Eating eggs  impart healthful doses of immune-supporting selenium and vitamin D, the B-vitamin riboflavin, which helps in converting food to the energy that your body can use, and choline, a nutrient grouped with the B-complex vitamins that are good for your brain.

There isn’t a cuisine in the world that does not include the egg as an essential ingredient from daybreak to midnight. Even here in South Africa, we love our eggs, so let’s reinvent the Italian pizza  with our much-loved local braaipap, and eggs of course.

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Tuna and Egg Pap Pizza

Serves 4 for under R110

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 25 minutes


  • 750 ml (3 cups) vegetable stock 
  • 375 ml (1½ cups) braaipap 
  • 200 g block cheddar cheese, grated 
  • Salt and pepper
  • ½ x 410 g tin tomato puree
  • ½ white or red onion, thinly sliced 
  • 170 g tin tuna chunks in oil, drained
  • ½ x 100 g packet kalamata olives
  • 4 eggs
  • Handful basil


  1. To make the pap, heat the stock in a large saucepan and whisk in the braaipap. Bring to a simmer. Turn the heat down to low, cover and cook for 10-15 minutes or until all the liquid has been absorbed. Stir in half of the cheese. Season with salt and pepper. Spread the pap into a 26 cm x 30 cm greased baking tray.
  2. Preheat oven to 200°C. Spread the pap base with tomato puree and sprinkle with remaining cheese. Top with onion, tuna and olives. Use the back of a spoon to make 4 wells in between the filling and break an egg into each. Season eggs with salt and pepper.
  3.  Bake for about 10 minutes or until the eggs are cooked to your liking. Scatter with basil.


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