Fruit Lagoon

by Kyla Van Heerden

What is more alluring than a brightly coloured cocktail with whiffs of rich flavours and whimsical trimmings? Fruit Lagoon non-alcoholic cocktail mix made from real fruit, consistently brings you brightness, cheerfulness, refreshment, fun and flavour, giving you a chance to easily play mixologist and wow your crowd in the comfort of your home with a cocktail or mocktail.

Chill with the smell of coconut, sun and pineapple in a piña colada and smell the blissful strawberry aromas in your sundowner daiquiri. Make frozen margaritas with splashes of zesty lemons or indulge in a mojito with refreshing crushed mint in sweet lime juice. Now you can also experience the burst of deliciously ripe mango – simply add your favourite tipple or keep it non-alcoholic with a dash of soda water.

With Fruit Lagoon, you can mix the perfect cocktail every time, in no time!

Try one of the below Fruit Lagoon Recipes this summer, and look out for loads more on the Fruit Lagoon Instagram and Facebook pages: @fruit_lagoon

Fruit Lagoon Mango Gin Fizz Cocktail

The days are getting longer which means more time to sit in the sun and enjoy a cocktail. Try your hand at a Fruit Lagoon Mango Gin Fizz. It will really feel like summer is just around the corner.

65ml Fruit Lagoon Mango

40ml Gin

90ml Tonic Water

120g Ice

Limes and mint leaves for garnish

Mix everything except the tonic water in a blender. Pour in a glass and top up with tonic water. Garnish with a lime wedge and mint leaves. Serves two.

Fruit Lagoon Piña Colada Surfside Non-Alcoholic Iced Tea

Surf’s up! Go and catch some rays and imagine you are at the beach with a delicious Fruit Lagoon Piña Colada Surfside Iced Tea.

50ml Fruit Lagoon Piña Colada

250ml Iced Tea (chilled)

30ml Lemon Juice

Pineapple & Cherry (for garnish)

Pour the chilled ice tea in two tall glasses. Now add the rest of the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake. Pour slowly on top of the iced tea and garnish with pineapple and a cherry.

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