Inflation grills the braaibroodjie 

by Tia

The braaibroodjie is about as South African as biltong, braais and bush holidays. 

Translated as “little grilled sandwiches”, there is nothing little about the braaibroodjie and it is so much more than just a sandwich – it’s the culinary answer to “local is lekker”. 

The approach to the braaibroodjie is as diverse and dynamic as South Africa themselves with purists opting for the original combination of white bread, cheese, tomato, onion, chutney, salt and pepper, while the more adventurous broodjie braaiers may opt for sourdough bread, or basil pesto instead of chutney. Ultimately, as long as there is bread, cheese, tomato and it’s grilled on an open fire, there is consensus that it does qualify as a braaibroodjie.  

South African economist Johann Bierman created the Braaibroodjie Index as a means of measuring food inflation. He recently posted on X that the price of a braaibroodjie hit an all-time high in April as the price of tomatoes and onions pushed the overall price of a braaibroodjie up by 4.3%. The jury is out on whether this will see South Africans swapping their braaibroodjies for, um, garlic bread but seems unlikely. 

And it’s not just South Africans that love a braaibroodjie. At Kruger Gate Hotel, located on the banks of the Sabie River in Mpumalanga, the braaibroodjies are super popular among foreign guests. “Braaibroodjies are such a South African tradition that we built a dedicated braaibroodjie station in your lapa on the property. People love our braaibroodjies and how it is prepared, on an open fire under the African sky. It’s more than just something to eat, it’s an entire experience,” says Anton Gillis, CEO at Kruger Gate Hotel. The cheesy, crispy goodness of a braaibroodjie is the ideal way to round off a day in the bush, and it’s an all-you-can-eat feast. “Nobody needs to worry about braaibroodjie inflation when they’re a guest at our property,” Gillis shares. 

The Kruger Gate Hotel braaibroodjie recipe is simple:

  • Fresh white bread
  • Best quality cheese
  • Slices of ripe tomato and onion 
  • Chutney 
  • Salt and pepper 

Butter bread on the outside and grill on the fire. Enjoy straight from the fire! 

Gillis adds that it takes a trained braai master to grill it so the bread toasts perfectly and does not burn at the same time allowing the ingredients inside to cook to perfection!

Easy to make and braai at home, but better to experience under the Africa sky in the magnificent Kruger National Park. 

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