Your sweet escape is just a spoonful away

by Kyla Van Heerden

LANCEWOOD® launches a new Indulgent Yoghurt range to delight your taste buds

Who needs a slice of cake, a slab of chocolate or a box of sweets when you can have the best of both worlds in your fridge? With the launch of its new Double Cream Indulgent Yoghurt, LANCEWOOD®, South Africa’s award-winning dairy manufacturer, offers consumers the ultimate guilt-free indulgence in its most decadent form. Bursting with flavour, this irresistibly creamy new range offers up a truly sweet escape that’s guaranteed to add a little ‘mmm’ to any moment.

LANCEWOOD® Marketing Manager Shereen Anderhold says the introduction of the Indulgent range represents the perfect addition to their existing selection of quality yoghurts, offering up an ideal guilt-free alternative for those occasions when only a sweet treat will do. “We learnt that during lockdown consumers were in search of healthier alternatives to ice-cream, chocolate and cake – and yoghurt met this need,” says Anderhold. “This inspired us to help consumers make healthier choices, without having to compromise on satisfaction or enjoyment.” 

Perfect as a morning treat, an afternoon pick-me-up, or even a midnight snack, these delicious yoghurts are the ideal anytime spoil. Available in three delightful Double Cream flavours – Lemon Cheesecake, Chocolate with Choc Chips and Turkish Delight – this irresistible range of velvety, creamy yoghurts is available in a 1kg tub format, perfect for sharing with the whole family.  

The LANCEWOOD® Indulgent Double Cream Yoghurt range is now available at all leading supermarkets.

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