Bottega: A Proud Leader of Prosecco – the No.1 Bubbly in the world

by Kyla Van Heerden

Bottega has a proud history of four centuries in the world of Italian wine and Grappa.  From the vineyard to the bottle, each moment of product creation is monitored with artisan care and attention to detail.

Founded in 1977 by the Bottega family, the distillery, which had historically focused on creating quality Grappa would eventually add over 10 hectares of vineyards, producing some of the Veneto’s highest quality Prosecco. Housed within the Villa Rosina, a 19th century country estate, the vineyard has becoming a leading world producer.

Being strategically placed within the municipality of Godega di Sant’Urbano, one of the Veneto’s main Grappa and wine producing areas, the Bottega vineyard has seen its yearly output reach nearly 22 million bottles, with over half being attributed to their Prosecco production. With vines in Valpolicella and Montalcino, namely to produce its Brunello and Amarone varieties, Bottega has expanded to become a truly diversified vineyard, enveloping a much larger expertise than its original incarnation as a Grappa distillery.

While priding itself on its high-quality Prosecco, Bottega has become renowned for its distinct hand blown bottles, representing a uniqueness seldom seen among large wine producers. Placing a strong emphasis on the look and packaging that goes into every bottle made at the glass blowing factory to guarantee each bottle is made to the exacted standards attributed to hand blown glass, especially in the Veneto.

Prosecco made from Italian Glera grapes that is crisp, fresh and has prominent notes of apple, white peach, pear and acacia flowers is their specialty. Perfect for any day, meal and occasion. A Prosecco Rosé has also been newly added to the range made from Glera and Pinot Noir grapes with delicate strawberry and peach flavours.

The Limoncino Limoncello has also made Bottega world renowned as this precious Liqueur is made from hand peeled Italian lemons and the highest quality Grappa made by their distillery. Zesty, fruity and oh-so-delicious – perfect on it’s own or with Prosecco as a Limoncino Spritz. Other Liqueurs include the Gianduia, hazelnut chocolate cream liqueur and the Fior Di Latte, white chocolate cream liqueur – delicious as is or over ice cream.

The Master Distiller at the Grappa distillery in Veneto makes Bianco and Aged Grappa’s, a staple in Italian households as an after meal digestive.

Viticulture and winemaking with innovative and a sustainable approach of saving water, reducing CO2 emissions and chemicals, and recycling waste materials, separate Bottega from the rest.

There is something in each of range for everyone – immerse yourself in quality Italian winemaking and beautiful sparkling wines.

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