Perdeberg’s Natuurlik – Paying Homage To Nature

by Kyla Van Heerden

As a testimony to their commitment to conservation and sustainability, Perdeberg Wines is excited to announce the release of the latest addition to their diverse portfolio – called Natuurlik. The organically produced Chenin Blanc 2022 is joining the growing appeal to save and sustain Mother Nature in all her elements, which plays an integral part in producing premium quality wines.

Perdeberg Wines is situated at the foot of the majestic Paardeberg Mountain range which towers over their vineyards and is flanked by fields of indigenous flora and fauna. These include, amongst others, African daisies, pear tree blossoms and buttercups. This vibrant ecosystem is also home to resident critters such as the Protea seedeater, Cryptolaemus ladybird, frogs and snails. This living landscape is a constant reminder to the winemakers of their great responsibility as custodians of nature. This living landscape has been perfectly captured on the bottle’s eye-catching and beautifully hand-illustrated label.

The inspiration for the label originated from Perdeberg’s biodiversity efforts in the vineyards. ‘As part of our attempts to farm our vineyards in a sustainable manner we use natural enemies to control Mealybug in the vines. These natural enemies are small predatory insects that naturally control the invasion of Mealybugs without the spraying of insecticides. This allows us to create a natural sustainable environment for the future,’ says Cellar Master Albertus Louw.

Furthermore, not only is there a demand for organic wines in South Africa but there is a growing trend in countries such as Scandinavia, Western Europe, the United Kingdom and North America amongst the younger wine enthusiasts, who are seeking healthier options. With health and sustainability playing the leading roles, there is a consumer growth opportunity for an organic Chenin Blanc that respects both the environment and consumer health.

Natuurlik is the Afrikaans word for ‘natural’, i.e. in accordance with nature and also used as an affirmative to mean ‘of course’. For it should only be natural to protect our environment for future generations, and of course, Perdeberg is playing its part most deliciously!

The Natuurlik Chenin Blanc 2022 is a beautiful green, pale yellow colour and showcases aromas of citrus, lime, white pear and grapefruit. On the palate, the wine is rich and rounded with fresh acidity. The ultimate Summer wine, perfect on its own or to be enjoyed with a delicious pasta or your favourite pizza. Available directly from the Tasting Room at R95 per bottle, online at Perdeberg’s Online Wine Shop or selected liquor outlets nationwide.

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