by Kyla Van Heerden

Cape Town, June 2023 – The Wine Drops Co, an innovative company based in Cape Town, is creating a buzz in the wine world with its remarkable solution for wine enthusiasts who suffer from sulphite sensitivity. This groundbreaking product directly tackles the adverse effects caused by preservatives or sulphites in wine, providing a pathway for these individuals to, once again, savour their favourite drink.

The key lies in those two simple words: “Contains Sulphites” on the back label of wine bottles. This mandatory requirement ensures that all wines with sulphite levels of 10 mg/L or higher display this information. For individuals sensitive to sulphites, which act as preservatives, these compounds can trigger unpleasant reactions and dampen their overall wine-drinking experience.

At the heart of The Wine Drops Co lies their groundbreaking product, aptly named The Wine Drops. This carefully crafted formula, backed by scientific testing and utilizing permitted additives employed by experienced winemakers for decades, is the key to neutralizing preservatives and sulphites in wine. By adding just a few drops of this revolutionary solution to a glass of wine, consumers can effortlessly reduce preservative levels and personalize their wine-drinking experience to their exact preferences. With The Wine Drops, wine enthusiasts can now savour the full flavours and delightful aromas of their cherished wines without the discomfort associated with sulphite sensitivity.

What sets The Wine Drops Co apart is its unwavering commitment to excellence and its dedicated focus on the South African market. This extraordinary innovation is born and crafted exclusively for the discerning palates of South African wine enthusiasts, addressing their unique needs and desires. Recognizing the paramount importance of safety and quality, The Wine Drops have undergone independent testing by a SANAS-approved laboratory, ensuring that consumers can indulge in their wines with complete peace of mind. The formula of The Wine Drops respects the integrity of all wines, meticulously preserving their original taste and characteristics while enhancing the overall wine-drinking experience.

In their pursuit of providing unrivalled convenience and safety, The Wine Drops Co has paid meticulous attention to the product’s packaging. The Wine Drops are encased in a distinctive discreet bottle design featuring a cap that is not only stylish but also child-friendly, ensuring the utmost security and protection. The elegant packaging serves as a testament to the premium quality of the product and adds a touch of sophistication to any wine collection. Wine lovers can now enjoy their favourite wines without compromising on aesthetics or taste, elevating their entire wine-drinking experience.

Proudly crafted in Cape Town, The Wine Drops Co stands as a symbol of support for the local wine industry and the promotion of local businesses. “We are delighted to introduce The Wine Drops, the ultimate solution for wine lovers suffering from sulphite sensitivity,” exclaims Ronel van Vuuren, Co-Founder at The Wine Drops Co. “Our product empowers cons

umers to personalize their wine-drinking experience, reducing preservative levels without making any compromises on taste or quality.”

To dive deeper into the revolutionary world of The Wine Drops, wine enthusiasts are invited to explore their official website at The website serves as a resource, offering insights and enabling consumers to develop an understanding of the innovative workings behind this remarkable product. The Wine Drops Co is not just a business; it is a passionate advocate for the South African wine industry and the local community. By proudly manufacturing their product in Cape Town, they contribute to the growth and success of local businesses.

“The Wine Drops represents a significant milestone for wine lovers who have long grappled with sulphite sensitivity,” explains Ronel van Vuuren. “We are dedicated to providing a solution that not only alleviates discomfort but also enhances the enjoyment of wine. Our commitment to a quality product, discreet packaging and personalization sets us apart in the industry, and we are excited to share our journey with wine enthusiasts across South Africa, and beyond.”  As The Wine Drops Co continues to make waves in the wine industry, they invite wine lovers and enthusiasts to embark on this revolutionary experience. Discover the freedom to enjoy wine without the limitations of sulphite sensitivity.

Wine lovers can conveniently find The Wine Drops at their official online shop, where they can explore the various options and make their selections with ease. In addition, the product can be found on Takealot, a leading online retailer, making it even more accessible to consumers nationwide.

For those who prefer to shop offline, The Wine Drops can be found at numerous local stockists, including Norman Goodfellows and Big Five Duty Free. These esteemed retailers provide exceptional products to their customers and offer The Wine Drops as part of their selection. The popularity of The Wine Drops is not limited to South African borders, as it has also gained traction in neighbouring countries. Wine enthusiasts in Namibia and Zimbabwe can now enjoy the benefits of The Wine Drops, as it is also available for purchase in select outlets in these regions.

For media inquiries and further information, please reach out to Ronel van Vuuren, the Co-Founder of The Wine Drops Co. Ronel can be contacted via email at or by phone at +27845059322. She is available to provide valuable insights, answer questions, and share the exciting story behind The Wine Drops.

About The Wine Drops Co:

The Wine Drops Co is a Cape Town-based business that has introduced a revolutionary solution for wine lovers suffering from sulphite sensitivity. Their flagship product, The Wine Drops, is a meticulously developed formula that effectively neutralizes preservatives and sulphites in wine, allowing consumers to personalize their wine-drinking experience without compromising on taste or quality. With a commitment to excellence, safety, and the South African market, The Wine Drops Co stands as a symbol of support for the local wine industry and the promotion of local businesses. For more information, please visit

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