The Wine Drops Co: Elevating Wine Enjoyment, Proudly South African

by Tia

In the vibrant world of gastronomy, where taste and flavours take centre stage, savouring a glass of fine wine alongside a delectable meal is a transcendent pleasure. However, for many wine enthusiasts, this joy is compromised by sensitivity to wine preservatives, specifically sulphites, leading to allergic-like reactions and debilitating headaches. The Wine Drops Co proudly introduces a solution to this common dilemma – The Wine Drops, one that is both elegantly effective and quintessentially South African in origin and ethos. Beyond merely enhancing wine, it’s about fostering community and embracing a movement that’s Proudly South African.

The Wine Drops Co is on a mission to redefine the wine experience for those sidelined by sulphite sensitivity. Through scientific testing, our formula gently reduces sulphites in all wines, making it accessible for everyone to relish their favourite varietals without the discomfort that once marred their joy. The process is delightfully simple: add 2-3 drops of The Wine Drops to your wine, give it a 30-second swirl, and embark on a journey of unadulterated wine pleasure. The true marvel? The Wine Drops preserve the aroma and taste of the wine, ensuring the essence of each bottle remains untainted.

The Wine Drops not only offer a remedy for those held back by sensitivity but also open a gateway to a world of possibilities. Now, you can raise your glass at weddings, attend elegant functions and wine tastings, and gather with family and friends at joyous occasions without compromising your enjoyment.

The Wine Drops Co is not just dedicated to enhancing wine enjoyment; it’s equally committed to supporting the local community and economy. We are excited to announce our affiliation with “Proudly South African,” an organization rooted in the 1998 Presidential Job Summit and officially established in 2001. This affiliation showcases our unwavering commitment to local content, quality, fair labour practices, and environmental standards. We believe in the power of buying local to create jobs and uplift our society.

Our commitment extends beyond wine enthusiasts to the local communities of the picturesque Cape Winelands. As the festive season approaches, we proudly support local Cape Town Christmas markets, infusing the spirit of giving and togetherness into this joyous time. Our presence at these markets is about becoming an integral part of a movement that’s Proudly South African.

Upcoming Christmas Market Schedule:

  • Pinelands Craft & Gift Fair (9-23 December 2023); Pinelands High School, Forest Drive, Pinelands, Cape Town
  • Simply Gifts Market (13-23 December 2023); Location: Sans Souci Girls’ High School, Esme Rd, Newlands, Cape Town
  • South Market (14-23 December 2023) Location; The Cape Academy of Mathematics, Science and Technology 171A Firgrove Way, Cape Town

We invite you to raise your glass to a superior wine experience and celebrate the power of local flavour and community support. It’s a harmonious fusion of sipping, supporting, and savouring, and together, we proudly proclaim that we are “Proudly South African!”

For more information, please visit The Wine Drops website at

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